Heat map

Heat map

SIQ Basketball app can tell you where you make your shots and where you miss. Knowing where you can make your shot is important tool for selecting your shot. Coaches rarely bench you if you take shots from those spots where you normally make them.

To collect your shot locations, you need to calibrate the basket. To calibrate a basket, please select AROUND WORLD module and take twenty shots from five different spots totalling 100 shots altogether.

After the session the app automatically calibrates the basket to your shooting style. In case the calibration fails, you are informed and you should review the instruction video to get all the details right.

After a successful calibration, you can start shoot again with SHOOTAROUND module and after the session, you'll be asked which calibration to apply. Again don't worry if you make a mistake. You can always recreate the heat map.

It is normal to have some variation in the shot locations, as it depends on your shot consistency among other things, so don't worry about that.

The overall accuracy of your heat map keeps improving while you keep working on your shooting.